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Secret Garden

Illustration, Pattern, Fabric Design, Packaging

Self Promotional Item


Secret Garden is a collection of illustrated satin scarves and pocket squares. I created this mini series as a self promo piece for my senior portfolio showcase that served as giveaways for people that I spoke with and am interested in working together. The series is inspired by beautifully manicured European gardens, with their elaborate patterns and a certain secrecy that they hold.

Pocket Squares
Semi Circle
Pocket Square Box
Scarf All

In addition to the scarves and pocket squares, I designed and constructed the packaging to house these items. Wanting to keep the packaging clean and direct, I opted to use color, type and texture as the elements of design. The colors of the boxes are reflective of the colors in each scarf. Gold foil is then added onto the title to give it a final seal of luxury.

Close up

The objective of this project, aside from self-promotion, I wanted the opportunity to play with illustrations, creating patterns, and experimenting with textures in my illustrations.

This project also involved contacting production vendors to order the scarf, making sure dimensions are correct and finally sewing the scarves myself!

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