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Girls Elite Youth Basketball League

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EYBL_Athlete Banners

The Girls Elite Youth Basketball League (GEYBL) is a Nike sponsored high school basketball team. Girls from various schools compete to advance to Nike Nationals which was held in Chicago.

The Girls EYBL team came to us for help to design collateral and graphic materials for their teams. In the beginning, the had very little materials to promote their games and did not have a cohesive system. Comparing to the boys EYBL team, we felt the need to provide the girls team with all the necessary collateral and create a cohesive language for them.

Boo Williams_Exterior

The challenging part of this was they had a small budget, but needed different collateral for each of the schools that were competing. This meant that we had to find ways to create a system that is flexible, designs that can be transported and used by the different schools, but still remain cohesive.


Creating new assets using existing athlete photography helped in working within the budget. Through the use of colors and shapes as part of the graphic language, it became an effective way to differentiate the schools as well as helped in creating a build-able system that can be used for Nike Nationals.

To see the full graphic system, here is a PDF link.


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