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Portland Fashion Week

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InstructorElisabeth Charman

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Portland Fashion Week is an annual event where fashion designers, fashion students, bloggers, and makers come together and celebrate their passion for fashion. It is a chance to attend shows, showcase work, document the event, be inspired and make new connections.

With recycling and repurposing as a core focus, I created the branding using collage, repurposing patterns for other uses and showcased the details of fabric to create texture and as a message of quality over quantity.

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Portland Fashion Week is special because it is celebrated and operate based on the city's philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle. Because of that aspect, it creates many challenges for fashion designers and fashion lovers in general, since many fashion shows are about extravagance, new things and trends.

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Highlighting and inspiring people who are interested in fashion to think and explore ways of keeping up with trends but not letting that take over personal style and their sustainable philosophy.

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