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InstructorPrecious Bugarin


Farmstand is an illustrative branding for a local organization that focuses on educating families and children on growing organic food and healthy meal preparation. With the branding, I wanted to communicate the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere of the organization. Inspired by the bountiful vegetables and fruits that are grown at the farm, I created simple, colorful and fun illustrations that can be used as patterns, stickers, and other promotional materials.

Semi Circle
Postcards w.Biz card
Canvas Tote Bag
Business Card

Because families and children are their main audience, I wanted the brand to communicate that gardening is not intimidating, in fact, it is fun!

Branding Pattern
Brand Pattern 2

To balance the illustrations, the word mark created for this is simple and clean. I wanted the mark to have an organic feel and also communicate trust. Because of the simplicity, the word mark looks great in different sizes and the pairs well with the colorful illustrations and patterns.

Landing Page
Website 2


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